B&B Turns 2

by Nives Batistić
24 April, 2021

Good news everyone! B&B is proud to be celebrating its two year anniversary this weekend.

Despite all the challenges and hurdles we’ve all faced in the past 12+ months, we’ve had another successful year adding new clients to our report and creating more content and material than ever!

We’ve continued our cooperation with the team at Bagboard where we’ve provided social media content, sales materials, and of course, maintained our collaboration of designing their App alongside the Bagboard dev team. We’ve also maintained our relationship with Collext, also creating social media content and printed marketing materials.

New projects and clients now include Digestible Tech‘s Talk to Stefan branding and Callworthy branding and web design, geganGEM branding, Raven Visuals branding, and Capture App Design.

We’re very thankful for all the clients that have put their trust in our duo and helped us create some amazing results this year. Here’s to the rest of 2021! 🥂