Launching a new SaaS concept into the entrepreneurial market to save time and keep focus


Solihull, UK


Computer Software

Company size

1–5 employees

Services provided

Web Design


Scheduling phone calls kills your productivity. The alternative? Callworthy is a new app for business users who spend a lot of time talking with others on the phone and often have very busy schedules. Instead of giving out your phone number, give out your Callworthy link and stop the interruptions and unscheduled calls from day 1 by letting your contacts know when you’re available for a call.

Serial entrepreneur Stefan Manku returned to the B&B team after previous projects to partner with him on his latest enterprise Callworthy.


  • One-page website design using provided written copy
  • Design of a basic visual identity that is bold, exciting and appeals to users who are open to a dynamic and more efficient schedule
  • Product to be launched and tested through a pre-order scheme of limited sign-ups


  • Brand exploration including colours, typography and illustrations that are relatable to other productivity tools and time management software
  • Brand background elements inspired by retro wired phones
  • Website structure and wireframes built, ensuring an organic flow and important text is highlighted
  • Collated elements to form a final design ready for pre-order sales
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