Personal Visual Design 22 December, 2022 Iconic Logos from Rijeka, Croatia

Croatia’s 3rd city has produced a large batch of deep-rooted industrial companies over the past few centuries, whose iconic logos can still be

Personal 24 April, 2022 B&B Turns 3

Good news everyone! B&B is proud to be celebrating its 3rd anniversary this weekend. The world is slowly, but surely, moving past the

Personal 24 April, 2021 B&B Turns 2

We’re very thankful for all the clients that have put their trust in our duo and helped us create some amazing results this year. Here’s to the

Personal 8 November, 2020

After coming across Vlado’s project and contributing to a few test centre locations, I asked if he needed any help on the design front

Personal 24 April, 2020 B&B Turns 1

We are very pleased to announce that this is the one-year anniversary of B&B – it was on April 24th 2019 that we first announced ourselves