Visual identity and packaging design for a new product, launched on crowdfunding sites and successfully brought to market


Leicestershire, UK


Consumer Goods

Company size

1–5 employees

Services provided

Content Creation
Digital Marketing

Mobu logo on red background


Mobu is the World’s most versatile cable clip – it stops your earphones and charger cables tangling without the need for timely winding. Loose earphones and cables can form up to 120 different knots in your bag or pocket, and the odds are about 50/50 that a knot will form for many loose earphones each time they’re put away. Mobu puts an end to this by snapping together the loose ends of your cables, and putting an end to knots forming.


  • Version 22 had already designed and developed Mobu, but they needed a partner to bring the product to market
  • Build a community that’s interested in following the progress of Mobu’s production, from prototyping to shipping


  • Launched Mobu through both Kickstarter and Indiegogo to take pre and post-goal pre-orders for the product
  • Partnered with Tale Production to produce the campaign video
  • Built out the product pages on Version 22’s website to continue taking orders after manufacture
  • Created and executed marketing content for multiple platforms
  • Designed and produced Mobu’s retail packaging
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