Helping local businesses promote how they recycle their commercial waste.


Coventry, UK


Renewables & Environment

Company size

2-10 employees

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Let’s Get Wasted is accreditation for local businesses that manage their waste ethically and in an environmentally-sound way. Businesses sign up for the Let’s Get Wasted scheme, are audited in their waste management, advised on improvements to their processes, and then become a Let’s Get Wasted listed business.

After working with geganGEM on their rebrand, the team approached us with the challenge of creating a brand identity and concept for promotional collateral for their sub-brand Let’s Get Wasted.


  • Design a sub-brand concept for geganGEM with the name Let’s Get Wasted
  • Create the brand’s promotional collateral including posters and window stickers for partner companies
  • The visuals need to be fun, bold and playful in order to promote their ethical waste disposal processes


  • A primary iconic logo depicted by a screwed-up ball of paper containing the abbreviation LGW to represent commercial waste
  • Fruit, vegetable and other organic variations of the logo with an impression of an abstract view of the world’s continents masked over the designs to represent bio-waste and the worldwide impact of change
  • Handmade brand characteristics to keep the visuals feeling authentic and appeal to target partner companies
  • A number of visual variations that allow partner companies to display an option that suits them the most
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